Literary Calligraphy by Susan Loy

Americana Selections - Article I. Congress
~ The Constitution of the United States

Article 1

Article One of the United States Constitution describes the powers of the legislative branch of the United States government, Congress, which includes the House of Representatives and the Senate. The Article sets forth the manner of election and qualifications of members of each House. It also outlines legislative procedure and enumerates the powers vested in the legislative branch. Finally, it establishes limits on federal and state legislative powers.

It took Susan Loy more than 500 hours to complete "Article I. Congress." She lettered the 2293 words of Article I, dividing it into 102 lines forming a 12-3/4-inch square. Using color change in the letterforms, she created a glowing landscape for the backdrop of her drawing of the U. S. Capitol Building. A square border in blue and red made up of the names of the fifty states and a large circle in black and brown made up of the words, We the People, The General Welfare, Justice, and Liberty surround the words to Article I. The border also includes a definition of "Congress," from the Latin word congress-us, meaning coming together.

Susan Loy used steel and brass nibs, Windsor-Newton artists watercolors, and Arches hot-pressed watercolor paper to letter Article I. Jacob Shallus, a clerk of the Pennsylvania State Assembly, lettered or engrossed the final draft of the original Constitution onto parchment, using quill pens cut from large bird feathers, and ink made from gum arabic, oak galls, iron, and a colorant such as logwood.

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"Article I. Congress"
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