Literary Calligraphy by Susan Loy

Language of Flowers Selections - "FLORAL OFFERING: A PAIR OF PRINTS"

Floral Offering - A Pair of Prints Floral Offering - A Pair of Prints

Susan Loy of Literary Calligraphy in Moneta, VA, joins text from literary classics or Biblical passages with delicate watercolor images and creates a unique bond between fine art and literature.

This is Susan's Definitive floral offering, "The Language of Garden Flowers" and "The Language of Wild Flowers," as a pair of prints. Over 60 botanical species are pictured, from Aster to Zepher flower with texts by Emerson and Thoreau.

Each print centers on a bouquet, the content of which is suggested by the encircling text or represent archetypal wild or garden flowers. Three of Thoreau's nature-related texts encircle the wild flowers bouquets while Emerson's words inspire the garden flowers.

The wreaths that surround the bouquets and texts each contain 26 distinct flowers and their meaning in the romantic language of flowers. Arranged in alphabetical order, each tiny flower and its tiny, 1/8" text took at least a day to paint with miniature brushes and steel pens.

Each print measures 23" x 23" (framed) perfect for decorating the dining room or over a bed. Offer is 20% off the individual prices of two prints, "the Language of Garden Flowers" and "The Language of Wild Flowers," if bought separately.

"Floral Offering - A Pair of Prints"
Edition limited to 3,000 signed and numbered prints
Image size: 15 1/2" x 15 1/2"
Paper size: 18" x 18 1/2"
Frame size: 23" x 23".

Gift wrapping available. Please specify occasion.
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