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Ron & Susan with their dogs
Our Big News

We’re moving to Prague in 2018! After 35 years of exhibiting Literary Calligraphy® artwork on the art show circuit, we will be packing our bags and our Bichons, Miss Lilly and Rocky, and moving to the Czech Republic, where we will pursue some exciting new projects – more on that later.

By next year at this time, we will close our Literary Calligraphy® online store and stop exhibiting at art and craft festivals. We are announcing this change now so that you will have time to plan your purchases. We will continue to sell prints as well as our unique matting and framing and will maintain our usual show schedule through the end of this year. We thank you for your continued support and would really like to see you this year.

With warm regards,

Susan & Ron

Literary Calligraphy Calendars 50% off at

We have reduced the price of our 2014-2017 calendars at to clear out these limited-edition calendars. If you love Susan Loy and her literary art, here are beautiful reproductions printed to her exacting specifications in the U.S.A. Each calendar has 12 different designs, 12”x12”. The latest, Calendar 2017, is a Retrospective of her calendar art, 1997-2017. She begins with the language of flowers in the 1990s and ends with geometric quantum physics-inspired art in 2017. The calendar includes her historic “The White House Easter Egg Roll, 1878-1998,” popular designs, including “Love Is Patient” and “Apache Blessing,” and nine others. Calendar 2016 features Americana, Calendar 2015 Literary Leaves, and Calendar 2014 Flowers of the Month.

Read more about... Literary Calligraphy's 2017 Calendar

2017 Calendar

How to Order Prints – including Mats and Frames, and Book  

You can order directly from us. Ordering information is online here. First, choose your item from our Price List. Sorry we don't have pictures of all of the framing options, only samples. Then provide us with shipping information and your credit card number, choosing from the following options:

(1) online with secure credit card entry and processing,
(2) via downloadable order forms,
(3) via email at, or
(4) you can call us at 540-297-7938, (M-F   9 am - 4:30 pm EST).  

We will confirm your exact order and the dollar amount before shipping.

Important Update Regarding Frame Selections...

Our navy (N) metal frame has been discontinued by the manufacturer. We have been unable to find a close substitute and cannot fill orders for this metal frame. We do have fern green (F), black (BK), silver (S), and gold (G) metal frames.

We are sorry for this inconvenience as we continue to search for alternative metal frames.

Four Leptons

NEW PRINT! "Four Leptons"

Susan’s new painting, “Four Leptons,” continues her interest in physics, mathematics, and symmetry. The painting’s center is taken from a photograph from the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Switzerland. This laboratory is used to test the predictions of different theories of particle physics to prove the existence of the theorized Higgs boson. Loy’s composition is a study in symmetry, an important tool in theoretical physics. The frogs represent dorsiventrality, an example of symmetry in the animal kingdom, where left and right sides mirror each other. The quotation, “All for one, one for all,” from Alexandre Dumas’s novel of 1844, The Three Musketeers, is a palindrome, in which phrases read the same backward or forward. All seven words are symmetrically matched up in three-letter lengths. This quotation is the motto of Switzerland and reflects the spirit of collaboration demonstrated by the scientists from all over the world, working at CERN.

Read more about... Four Leptons

New Print - "Hope is the Thing with Feathers"

This print is inspired by a favorite Emily Dickinson poem, "Hope Is the Thing with Feathers." Susan Loy chose the song sparrow to illustrate Dickinson's metaphor for hope, "the little bird that kept so many warm." The poem gives some clues to the bird's identity: its sweet song, its small size, its popularity, and its distribution. The brown and gray song sparrow is shown perched on a blueberry shrub and surrounded by a circular border of song sparrow tracks. The poem, lettered in brown, is surrounded by a black border reminiscent of garden latticework. This is a perfect gift that offers words of comfort and hope. The image size is 6" x 6" and frames to 12" x 12".

Read more about... "Hope is the Thing with Feathers"

Hope is the Thing with Feathers

Order Stationery, Calendars, and Selected Prints at Literary Calligraphy Amazon Store  

You can order our 2015 Literary Calligraphy calendar, eight note card selections, and two Christmas cards at Your shipping charges will be much LOWER than we can offer you on individual orders. These are still made and packaged by us in Moneta, Virginia. We send them to Amazon’s U.S. distribution centers and they send them to you. In addition to the 2015 calendar, cards include Literary Letters notes, Shakespeare Flowers, Old and New Testament, Irish, Language of Flowers, Shakespeare Thank You, and new Literary Birthday cards.

We also have several Christmas cards including The Night Before Christmas, Yes Virginia, and The Tree Touched the Ceiling.

If you would like to order multiple items or prefer not to use amazon, then contact us directly.


New Items!

Higgs Boson Higgs boson

While reading about the Higgs boson, Susan Loy discovered that quarks were indeed named from a line in James Joyce's literary classic Finnegans Wake - "Three quarks for Muster Mark!" One spark or quark led to another and she was inspired to create a piece based on the Higgs boson. Good vibrations or susurrations are alternative titles for this piece. Loy chose quotations from various writers to tell this story including Thoreau, Emerson, Whitman, and even Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys. M. C. Escher was an inspiration for this design. It is a perspective study that creates the illusion of endless space and emphasizes the spaces in between, much the way particles vibrate in fields. Loy painted vibrant (i. e., resulting from vibration) color cubes in perspective, with parallel and intersecting lines of hand-lettered text. Signed and numbered limited edition print.


The Gettysburg Address Gettysburg Address

Following in the spirit of the Constitution project, Susan now presents what many believe to be one of the greatest speeches in history, The Gettysburg Address. In 1863, Abraham Lincoln repeated the principles of human equality put forth in the Declaration of Independence that all men are created equal. Susan lettered the Gettysburg Address in red and blue. The final phrase, “that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth,” forms a circle surrounding her watercolor painting of the Lincoln Memorial and Reflecting Pool in shimmering shades of blue. The beginning lines of the Address form an intricate square border around a background inspired by details from the ceiling of the Lincoln Memorial. The print image size is 9-1/2” x 9-1/2” and is 16” x 16” framed.


Perfect Wedding Gifts Apache Blessing  

Anytime is wedding season, and we have over a dozen designs that collectors choose as "Perfect Wedding Gifts. Recently, a collector from Pittsburgh ordered "Love Is Patient" from 1 Corinthians 13 for her daughter’s wedding. She told us she had been waiting 16 years for the chance to give this gift and was, "Glad to see that you are still around." In addition to "Love Is Patient", we have Hebrew lettering in "I Am My Beloved’s" from Song of Solomon. Non-biblical, literary designs, range from Shakespeare's Sonnet 116, "Marriage of True Minds," to the Native American sentiments of "The Apache Blessing." Any frame design can be personalized with engraved names and dates for an additional charge. You can order special engraving and framing orders on our website.

You can see all the latest art and our show schedule on our website


YouTube Channel Susan Loy at You Tube  

Ron digitized several VHS tapes for release on YouTube. Included is two minute television interview with Susan discussing the White House Easter Egg Roll. It also shows our home and shop and Susan painting the center bouquet for "The Language of Garden Flowers."

Also, two six minute videos show Susan demonstrating her Literary Calligraphy techniques and the research behind her 4-print suite, "The Flowers of Emily Dickinson." These are professional productions filmed in 2000 for public access TV.


Susan Loy on Wikipedia Susan Loy at Wikipedia  

Wondering about Susan Loy's educational background and how she started Literary Calligraphy®? The article describes her first calligraphy class in 1978 in Columbus, Ohio. By 1988, an early art show reviewer dubbed Loy’s art, a mix of "magic circles, calligraphy, and philosophical texts." In the mid-nineties, she was recognized for her paintings of the Language of Flowers, followed by her official position at the White House Easter Egg Roll in 1998. Loy returned to her love of historical documents with her Constitution Project in the 2000s. All of these developments and projects are described in her peer-reviewed article in Wikipedia.


New Jig Saw Puzzle  

A small California company, Artifact Puzzles, has produced a laser-cut, 255-piece wooden jig saw puzzle based on the Susan Loy painting, “The Marriage of True Minds.” Their puzzle artist digitized Susan’s designs and created an intricate overlay that was then laser cut. The results are a very challenging puzzle! We will sell these at shows and through the Artifacts Susan Loy web page. If their site shows sold out, keep trying; they produce this puzzle in small batches.

Flower Print!

Our newest art print, "The Flowers of the Month," includes monthly flower illustrations and seasonal poems in a vibrant color wheel that reflects the change of seasons. Susan Loy actually painted 23 flowers that are pictured on the print because most months (except November's Chrysanthemum) have more than a single birth flower. The Flowers of the Month Birth flowers are a very old tradition. The oldest known flower calendars were created by the Chinese and present flowers that bloom in Asia. Western calendars depicting The Flowers of the Month began to appear in the 18th century and were formalized in England and North America during the 19th century. Susan Loy chose the flowers for each month, based on these North American and Old English flower calendars.

In the corners of the painting, she hand-lettered quotations by William Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson, James Whitcomb Riley, and Henry David Thoreau. Each quotation describes a season; for example Dickinson speaks of the "Azure depth" of a summer afternoon while Riley mentions the frost on the "punkin'" in the autumn quotation. The print image is 9-1/2" x 9-1/2" and we frame it to 16" x 16."

View... The Flowers of the Month

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We'll keep you posted of our shows and promise some beautiful quotations and thoughts along the way. Follow the link to see some of our popular images and photos from the personal collection of Ron & Susan.

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Susan Loy presents "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

Literary Calligraphy ~ A Midsummer Night's DreamAfter spending the past five and a half years lettering the Constitution of the United States, I have returned to my roots with my painting, "A Midsummer Night's Dream." I chose four quotations from Shakespeare's play that describe the flowers of midsummer, and I painted these flowers as Shakespeare would have know them – crimson roses, creamy honeysuckle, yellow primulas, purple violets and wild thyme. My new piece is a perfect size for most homes, 16-inch square when framed, and it even includes a house blessing from Act V, "Through the house give glimmering light and each and every chamber bless - through this palace, with sweet peace, ever shall in safety rest, and the owner of it blest."

View Literary Calligraphy's...  A Midsummer-Night's Dream

Literary Calligraphy ~ IfKipling's inspirational poem "If" has been on my "to do" list for most of my career and so I am delighted to release my interpretation of one of the world's favorite poems. I lettered the poem to form the word IF, creating a calligram, which is a poem in which calligraphy is arranged in a way to create an image that expresses visually what the poem says. I arranged the words of the poem to form three-dimensional letterforms of I and F in gradient shades from orange, to red, to burgundy, surrounded by a detailed black border inspired by designs of India, where Kipling was born. This piece hangs on the diagonal, when framed it measures 17 inches on the diagonal or 12-inch square. This well-known poem makes a perfect graduation gift.

View Literary Calligraphy's...  If

Literary Calligraphy Discount Coupon

Literary Calligraphy Craft Show Coupon Now Available!

Come see us at a craft show and take 10% off your in-booth purchase ~ click the thumbnail to print out our special discount coupon...

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For the past 20 years, we have provided the best customer service in our industry -- first with an 800 number, first with email, first with a complete web site, etc. This commitment and our busy show schedule cause many to believe that we are some big company. Wrong. We are just a small group dedicated to giving you the type of customer service offered by our favorite large retailers.

To address this misperception, we are now including the following explanation in our printed literature and web site:

"Susan Loy, her husband Ron Ayers, and some 'righteous women’ have worked with pride to deliver this Literary Calligraphy art work to you. It all begins in rural Bedford County, Virginia in Susan's studio, which occupies the second floor of the 1918-era farm house she shares with her husband and various cats and dogs. Each painting may take months to complete. The shop and offices are in another building next door and are surrounded by rolling pastures, forests, and gardens. Susan's original watercolors have been printed in Bedford County by Bison Printing for more than twenty years. Whether you support Literary Calligraphy at your local art or craft festival or by ordering on the toll free phone number or web site, thank you for supporting a genuine American small business and American arts and crafts."

The Lake Isle of Innisfree
Susan has been busy in the studio and the result is a new print. She was inspired by a recent trip to Ireland to create "The Lake Isle of Innisfree," based on the poem by William Butler Yeats. Innisfree is a little island in Lough Gill near the Irish town of Sligo, where Yeats lived as a boy. The poem celebrates the poet's love of the glow of heather and of the simple life in a small cabin in the bee-loud glade, "where peace come dropping slow." I illustrated the poem with two species of heather that grow in Ireland near Sligo.

View Literary Calligraphy's...  The Lake Isle of Innisfree


New prints are the latest in Susan Loy's project to hand-letter the entire U.S. Constitution. Prints include "Articles IV-VII" and "The Bill of Rights."

"ARTICLES IV – VII States, Amendments, Laws, and Ratification"

Susan hand lettered the words to Articles IV through VII in watercolors that form a colorful map of the United States, surrounded by a background in shades of dark and light blue. A border in black and brown contains the names and states of the signatories of the Constitution as well as symbols of liberty and justice.

View Literary Calligraphy's...  ARTICLES IV – VII

"THE BILL OF RIGHTS" Bill of Rights

The Bill of Rights is hand lettered in shades of blue over a drawing of the Statue of Liberty. Words from the first amendment form a circle surrounding the Bill of Rights with words from amendments two through eight forming an inner circle, all lettered in black. The themes of we the people, justice, and liberty established in Susan's rendition of The Preamble are carried throughout the piece as is the color scheme of red, white, blue, black, and brown.

View Literary Calligraphy's...  Bill of Rights


I Am My Beloved's "I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine..." Susan lettered this beloved verse in English and in Hebrew: "Ani l'dodi v'dodi li." The verse is from Song of Songs 6: 3, also called The Song of Solomon or Canticles. It is a book of the Bible, traditionally ascribed to Solomon, the son of David and Bathsheba and king of Israel from 960 B.C. to 922 B.C. Some scholars believe it was composed later, and some believe it is an allegorical love poem that may have been sung at ancient weddings. It remains a popular wedding verse today.

View more about...  I Am My Beloved's

Click to see our 12 additional...  Wedding & Romantic Quotations


Check out our latest prints in Susan Loy's project to hand-letter the entire U.S. Constitution:


Susan’s hand-lettered "We the people," in deep red Gothic capitals, looms above the White House. The complete text of Article II is surrounded by the names of real people who Susan met at her art shows and agreed to help her represent "We the people."


Susan hand-lettered the text over a drawing of the scales of justice. Fragments from Hammurabi's code, lettered in cuneiform, provide the background for the words to Article III. The names of historic law givers, lawyers, and Supreme Court justices fill the arcs on four sides.


"Desiderata" (Latin for "desired things") is an inspirational prose poem about attaining happiness in life. Copyrighted in 1927 by Max Ehrman, it was widely circulated in the 1960s without attribution to Ehrman, often with claims that it was found in a Baltimore church in 1692. Susan Loy has obtained copyright permission and paid royalties to use this beloved poem. DESIDERATA
Susan has given "Desiderata" a modern setting, in shimmering shades of blue, violet, black, and brown. She highlights the opening sentence, "Go placidly amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence." The words of wisdom that follow, from " on good terms with all persons" to "...everywhere life is full of heroism," form a tower, rising above and sitting on a foundation created by the words, "Be yourself." The remaining words of the poem form a half-circle. The whole poem is surrounded by a background made up of cuneiform signs, spelling desiderata.
View...  "Desiderata"

Lydia Claire


Here’s our niece Lydia Claire showing off her new personalized birth flower print (she’s a violet for February) in our yard last month. We celebrated the golden anniversary of Ron’s brother and his wife. Not pictured is “Red Rose: Love” with the Robert Burns poem, “Oh my luve is like a red, red, rose…” which we framed in gold with a gold plaque to give to the happy couple.


Spring is now officially on the way. We're pleased to have a complete selection of Birth flowers, beginning with Snowdrops for January and ending with Paperwhite Narcissus for December. Susan Loy found the perfect verse or poem to accompany each illustrated flower.

Choose Hops for October and read Thomas Jefferson's thoughts on gardening. Or choose the James Russell Lowell poem, "And what is so rare as a day in June?" that accompanies delicate Red Rose Buds, the June birth flower. Ten additional designs include daisies, larkspur, and daffodils.

Go to the selections for... BIRTH FLOWERS



Edition limited to 4,000 signed and numbered prints from an original watercolor. In this print, a striking pink biblical rose, surrounded by the complete 1 Corinthians 13 text, is placed amidst a blue, deep rose, and green border suggested by early Christian art. This is a favorite verse for weddings and anniversaries.

View... "1 CORINTHIANS 13"


Celebrate the Timeless Romance of
Elizabeth and Robert Browning!

"HOW DO I LOVE THEE?" ... Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Pale pinks from sweet briar rose buds (eglantine) mix with the deep green of ivy which are brilliantly illustrated to accompany one of the world's favorite romantic poems. In the language of flowers, eglantine is the flower of love and poetry while ivy represents marriage and fidelity. Signed and numbered prints produced from an original watercolor painting.



"AUTUMN CROCUS: GROWING OLD" ... Robert Browning

Funnel-shaped, pale purple blossoms and buds emerge dramatically from a thick, bulb-like corm; Browning's optimistic words are carefully calligraphed to match the light green of the stylized leaves. "Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be..." Signed and numbered prints produced from an original watercolor painting.



New Blog!   Many of you have asked how current economic conditions are affecting artists. Ron's most recent blog addresses this issue.

Check it out at... Ron's Blog

We havet a new Constitution art print and two new flower prints, Morning Glories and Snow Drops.

Susan Loy with Article 1 It took Susan more than 500 hours to complete "Article I. Congress" that is our new art print. She lettered the 2293 words of Article I, dividing it into 102 lines forming a 12-3/4-inch square. Using color change in the letterforms, she created a glowing landscape for the backdrop of her drawing of the U. S. Capitol Building. This is a print for the history buff, legal scholar, or anyone who loves liberty.

View... Article 1

Morning Glories In the new print "Morning Glories" Susan lettered the ancient Sanskrit Salutation of the Dawn as her quotation. These words are attributed to Kalidasa, an Indian poet and dramatist who lived from 353 to 420 a.d. It was probably written in 400 a.d., yet its message to live each day to the fullest is as meaningful today as it was sixteen-hundred years ago.

View... Morning Glories

Snow Drops Susan found a lovely quotation from American poet and writer, Celia Thaxter for her snowdrop illustration. Snowdrops are one of the first flowers of the year and have been known to push their pure white blossoms up through the snow. The snowdrop means hope in the Victorian language of flowers and is the flower of the month for January.

View... Snowdrops


We did a lot of publicity for Constitution Day and, although we didn't make USA Today, we did get local coverage. The Roanoke Times did a feature on Susan that you can read at

View... Roanoke Times Feature

The story got picked up by the AP and many local newspapers throughout Virginia. Susan visited two schools to describe her project to elementary and high school students. Stay tuned for more details!

View... The Lynchburg News & Advance


Common themes run through the poems in my four new flower prints, featuring daffodils, chrysanthemums, poppies, and violets. Wordsworth's "Daffodils" is one of the best descriptions of flowers and their impact on the human spirit that has ever been written; not only do flowers fill our hearts with pleasure, but return in memory, where our hearts can once again dance with the daffodils. "Out in the Fields with God" by an unknown author shows how we lose our fears and cares in the presence of nature, among the trees, the birds, or the poppies. Daffodils For Maeterlinck chrysanthemums symbolize the interconnectedness of all things, and the modest study of such a flower can explain many mysteries. Donne uses a single violet transplant to show how this modest flower has the strength to multiply and move us to ecstasy. These poems each extol the benefits of nature, and the reward is bliss. Who can resist?

I've wanted to letter William Wordsworth's "Daffodils" or "I Wandered Lonely As a Cloud" ever since I visited the Lake District in 1993. "Daffodils" was probably written between 1804 and 1807, when it was first published. The second stanza was added in 1815. This poem was a collaboration between William, his wife Mary, who wrote lines 21 and 22, and his sister, Dorothy, who was often William's muse. The wild daffodil seen by the Wordsworths would have been Narcissus pseudonarcissus, which has six pale yellow petals and a trumpet in a different shade and is exceedingly variable in size, shape and color. Poppies

The author of "Out in the Fields with God" is unknown, but like many great poems whose author is unknown, it has been erroneously attributed to several great poets, most often either British poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1806-1861) or American poet Louise Imogen Guiney (1861-1920). I loved painting the bright red Papaver rhoeas, the field or corn poppy .

Chrysanthemums Chrysanthemums were so beloved by Maurice Maeterlinck, a Belgium writer awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1911, that he devoted an entire essay to them. Published in Old Fashioned Flowers in 1905, "Chrysanthemums" catalogues the virtues of this variable flower. It was a challenge to paint the florist's chrysanthemum, Chrysanthemum hortorum, a blend of C. indicum and C. morifolium, with its riot of orange spidery petals.

John Donne is considered by many to be the best of the "Metaphysical Poets." "The Ecstasy" is a long poem, probably written 1601 to 1615. Violets There's a lot of meaning packed in just the one line that I've chosen from this poem, "A single violet transplant, the strength, the colour, and the size (all which before was poor, and scant) redoubles still, and multiplies." It reminds me of the power of seemingly tiny elements of nature to move us to ecstasy. Violets grow wild all over our farm, and at least eighty species are native to North American. The violet of European poets is most often Viola odorata, the sweet violet.


Susan Loy was interviewed by Becky Booker of KRXT Radio in Rockdale, Texas on February 13. Becky found Susan on the web and wanted to interview an expert on the language of flowers for her pre-Valentine's Day show. They talked about the Victorian Language of Flowers, Susan's series of flower paintings based on that tradition, and about tussie mussies.   (View...  "Tussie Mussies")

Susan told Becky that we send red roses on Valentine's Day because they mean love in the language of flowers. Also she noted that the Victorians must not have liked the yellow rose because it means jealousy in the language of flowers. However, Texans should be proud that their native bluebonnet (a lupine) means voraciousness, a very Texan trait.

FALL 2006 PRINTS The Preamble

Susan Loy has recast the Preamble to the Constitution in a striking geometric design in brown and black, and of course, red, white, and blue. The opening phrase, "We the People," is at the center of the painting surrounded by interlocking graphics representing "liberty," "justice," and "tranquility."

View  The Preamble

Gift for a Child!

Primary cheerful colors, intricate designs, and alphabet blocks surround this popular Mother Goose nursery rhyme, "Monday's child is fair of face, Tuesday's child is full of grace..."

View  "Monday's Child"


Seven years ago I read a passage in Thoreau's journal that made me want to paint birds. With a mind to paint them, I studied birds for five years before creating my first three bird prints. Last fall when I decided to letter the popular wedding Apache Blessing quote, "The Apache Blessing", I knew right away that I would use bird feathers to illustrate the "shelter" mentioned in the poem. I welcomed the opportunity to further my bird study. My research told me that Orioles were revered by the Apache. I learned that the orange color in Oriole feathers comes from a type of pigment called carotenoid and that the white at the tip of the feather is where pigment has worn away. There are many types of bird feathers, but most are either flight or contour feathers. Contour feathers provide warmth and shelter. I loved drawing these beautiful black and orange contour feathers.

The old maple tree outside my studio window has been host to many birds, and though it is slowly dying, it only improves in hospitality. I would mourn its passing were it not for the maple sapling growing beside it, teenage pin oaks, and a crepe myrtle tree that already provide incredible beauty and delicious shade.

Speaking of breath-taking, lily of the valley grow at the base of the crepe myrtle tree. I painted the flowers for my new print, "Lily of the Valley" last May when they were blooming. It's winter now, so I await the return in spring of their sweetly-scented white flowers.

I have painted lily of the valley many times. When I was a girl visiting my grandmother, who owned a snow cone and waffle stand in an Ohio amusement park, I would follow the creek outside the park to where lilies of the valley bloomed in huge drifts. The drift outside my studio is much smaller but still reminds me of those happy days.

Fall, 2005 Prints To All Things

The stunning view from Susan's studio in all four seasons was the inspiration for our new print "To Every Thing There Is A Season". Elaborate patterns of interlacing circles form a color wheel representing the changing seasons. The borders in the primary colors of the seasons are set off by a black background, which forms an elaborate knotwork pattern. Each corner contains a tiny painting representing the season.

"The Lord bless thee and keep thee..." is lettered in English and Hebrew in a shimmering rainbow of colors in "The Priestly Blessing". It is a perfect gift for Bar and Bat Mitzvah, birth of a child, housewarming, graduation, retirement, and wedding. clear dot spacer

PRACTICING PEACE is a collaboration between Susan Loy and poet Cathryn Hankla. Practicing Peace Susan hand lettered Hankla's inspiring poem that urges the reader to live "moment to moment" and to practice peace when, "the grill won't start, when the dog keeps barking, when the check bounces, when the train is late, when we are angry and searching for someone to blame."

Calligraphy by Susan Loy will donate $25 for EACH print sold to the Endowment Fund of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Roanoke, Virginia. clear dot spacer

Our Literary Birds make a lovely grouping.

· One will be a double treat for all Susan's collectors that have asked for a gift for a sister, To My Sisterbecause Wordworth's poem artfully captures sibling affection in "To My Sister", starring a European robin.

· Bird-watchers and lovers will appreciate Thoreau's masterful nature writing from his personal journals in "Purple Finch".

· Third in the flock is "My Symphony" with a pair of yellowthroats and an inspirational text about living simply but elegantly. Special pricing is available for flocks of 2 or 3 birds. clear dot spacer

Custom Engraved Plaques Now Available On-line!

Litcal PlagueCustom engraved plaques are available on-line for any size Literary Calligraphy® print at one price, $30. Usually, collectors have names with wedding, birth or other dates engraved. Other popular options are an event, e.g. Ruby Anniversary, graduation, or as a service award (call for group sales).

The design is a double mat with a surrounding V-groove creating an inset for the gold or silver plaque. It is different from our famous "circle-in-a-square" custom mat, which is not suitable for a plaque (trust us). You choose from a variety of frames.

Plaque includes lettering up to 20 characters (including punctuation and spaces) on each of two lines. We send these out for engraving; please allow 2 weeks for final delivery. A plaque is a service item, so that the $30 fee does not add to your purchase amount when calculating shipping charges. Engraved items are non-returnable.

You order your plaque during your print order, once you are in the Shopping Cart. There will be a box for you to write in your message to be engraved. If you have problems, please email. clear dot spacer

More Recent Designs

Irish Blessing Calling all Irish! "May the road rise to meet you" is perhaps the most famous traditional Irish blessing, and is featured in both English and Gaelic in our popular print "IRISH BLESSING." Susan expertly combined green shamrocks and navy Celtic designs to create this tribute to to all things Irish. It's a perfect friendship, wedding, or housewarming gift.

clear dot spacer
NEW!  Now Available as a blank note card!


  • Want to know why we decorate with holly at Christmas, and why it means foresight in the Language of Flowers? Learn more about the history and lore of flowers at Our Book Section!

    Excerpts and reviews of Flowers, the Angels' Alphabet can be read on-line at

    Books ordered directly from us - via shows, internet, or telephone - will be signed and personalized at your request.


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