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We are delighted to present our 16th annual Literary Calligraphy® calendar. The theme for 2013 is Wildflowers. Few elements of nature offer such a rich resource of beauty as do wildflowers, and wildflowers are an inspiration to poets, as Thoreau wrote, "Where the most beautiful wild-flowers grow; there one's spirit is fed and poets grow." This calendar is filled with poems and quotations concerning wildflowers, including a monthly quote from John Clare’s 1827 poem, The Shepherd’s Calendar.

The calendar includes twelve of Susan Loy's watercolors hand-lettered with quotations about wildflowers. Each month features a different full-page image on the top, with a full-page monthly grid below (including past and future months) providing a perfect combination of beauty and utility. The 12" x 12" format opens to 12" x 24" – large enough to display intricate detail and allow ample room for writing in important dates.

In addition to the full quotations for each of the full-page images, you'll enjoy reading the entertaining quotations by selected writers, lunar phases, holidays, previous and next year at-a-glance and other goodies interspersed throughout the calendar grid. We produce the entire calendar in-house and have it printed locally by Bison Printing in Bedford County, Virginia. Our 16th calendar is an economical way to enjoy Susan's past and current art. It will please long-time Susan Loy collectors as well as those just being introduced to her incredible, meticulous art.

Of special interest to Susan Loy collectors are two designs never published before. September’s Wild Bergamot and July’s Spiderwort, along with March’s Virginia Wildflowers were part of an exhibit at the Science Museum of Western Virginia (Roanoke, VA) in the 1980s.

From the Introduction, Susan describes the 2013 calendar. The year opens with The Language of Wild Flowers and twenty-six wildflowers, one for every letter of the alphabet, along their meaning in the Victorian Language of Flowers. February features the wild rose, which Susan used to illustrate Christopher Marlowe's poem, "The Passionate Shepherd to His Love." March presents Virginia Wildflowers, which spotlights spring wildflowers that bear the state’s name. April extols the virtues of wild daffodils in William Wordsworth’s famous poem, Daffodils, "I wandered lonely as a cloud…my heart with pleasure fills and dances with the daffodils." Henry Wadsworth Longfellow called the iris, flower-de-luce, "fair among the fairest," featured in May. June presents the magnolia and John Burroughs’s declaration from Leaf and Tendril that books, friends, and nature are the three most precious resources of life. July debuts Susan’s botanical watercolor, Spiderwort: Tradescantia virginiana. August features Shakespeare’s pansy, Viola tricolor, along with a quote from Hamlet. September debuts another botanical, Wild Bergamot: Monarda fistulosa. November presents a medley of autumn flowers and a Dickinson poem where the rose is mostly "out of town." The year concludes with Hopkins’s poem, Inversnaid, an homage to all things wild, which asks the question, "What would the world be once bereft of wet and of wildness? Let them be left, o let them be left, wildness and wet; long live the weeds and the wilderness yet."

The 2013 Literary Calligraphy Calendar is SOLD OUT. Thanks to all of you for making this possible. The 2014 edition will be available in July at It will be our 17th edition!

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