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Do you know your birth flower? You can find it in the 2014 Literary Calligraphy® calendar, featuring The Flowers of the Month. Each month includes a watercolor drawing of the birth flower, surrounded by a hand-lettered description of the flower from the likes of Wordsworth and Whitman. You can also find your alternative birth flower as well as the flower of the month from Chinese and Japanese traditions.

The calendar includes twelve of Susan Loy's watercolors hand-lettered with quotations. Each month features a different full-page image on the top, with a full-page monthly grid below (including past and future months) providing a perfect combination of beauty and utility. The 12" x 12" format opens to 12" x 24" – large enough to display intricate detail and allow ample room for writing in important dates.

In addition to the full quotations for each of the full-page images, you'll enjoy reading the entertaining quotations by selected writers, lunar phases, holidays, previous and next year at-a-glance and other goodies interspersed throughout the calendar grid. We produce the entire calendar in-house and have it printed locally by Bison Printing in Bedford County, Virginia. Our 17th calendar is an economical way to enjoy Susan's past and current art. It will please long-time Susan Loy collectors as well as those just being introduced to her incredible, meticulous art.

In the calendar Susan explains, "The theme of my 2014 Literary Calligraphy® calendar is the flowers of the month. The oldest known flower calendars depicting the flowers of the month were created by the Chinese. Western calendars began to appear in the 18th century and were formalized in England and North America during the 19th century. I drew upon old English and North American traditions to create my flower calendar. I note the alternative birth flower for each month as well as the flower from Chinese and Japanese traditions. I've included some thoughts from writers on their birthdays on the subject of flowers or birthdays and sometimes both.

The year begins with snowdrop, symbol of hope, and a quotation from Celia Thaxter's Island Garden, a simple message of hope: "While I am busy with pleasant preparation and larger hope, I rejoice in the beauty of the pure white Snowdrops." John Donne describes "a single violet transplant," February's flower, a symbol of faithfulness or faith. Daffodils and William Wordsworth's poem of the same name are featured in March. Daisy is the flower of the month for April, described by Edna St. Vincent Millay in Second April. May's flower, lily of the valley, means return of happiness in the Victorian Language of Flowers, and Psalms 118:24 expresses each day's promise of a return of happiness. Rose is June's birth flower, and James Russell Lowell asks, "And what is so rare as a day in June? Then, if ever, come perfect days." Walt Whitman celebrates the larkspur, July's flower, in a passage from Leaves of Grass. Poppies, the Flowers of the Month for August, are featured in the anonymous poem, "Out in the Fields with God." Morning glory, September's flower, is the flower of the dawn and is represented by "Salutation of the Dawn" from Sanskrit. October's birth flower is hops; Thomas Jefferson, who grew hops at Monticello, celebrates gardening in a famous letter of 1811. Chrysanthemum is the flower of the month for November, which has no alternative flower, and was featured in Maurice Maeterlinck's essay, Chrysanthemums, "because of these things I love the chrysanthemum." The year closes with joy and singing, Isaiah 35:1-2, and the paperwhite narcissus, the birth flower for December.

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