Literary Calligraphy by Susan Loy

Literary Calligraphy Selections for Emily Dickinson

Susan Loy has created six different paintings using Dickinson's poetry and letters. These include a suite of four floral prints, a note card, and a Christmas design.

Emily Dickinson's Seasonal Flowers: Four Print Suite "Emily Dickinson's Seasonal Flowers." A suite of four prints, that may be collected individually or as a group, combining Dickinson seasonal and floral poetry with illustrations that illuminate the quotes. Signed and numbered, these prints are highly collectable for the sophisticated flower and poetry lover. These are part of the permanent collection at the Emily Dickinson Special Collection in Amherst, MA.

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Each "Seasonal Flower" print is available individually according to season:

"Spring Flowers" ... "Summer Flowers"

"Autumn Flowers" ... "Winter Flowers"

A note card using a quotation from Dickinson's letters is included as part of our Literary Letters Note Card Assortment (along with quotes from Emerson and Yeats)

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Santa Claus

A quotation from Dickinson's 1880 letter to Sally Jenkins is the basis for the painting "Santa Claus...Sweet Old Gentleman"

This design is also included as part of our Holly Christmas Assortment (along with quotes from Nin and Alcott)

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